Solbrud at the museum


M/S Museet for Søfart – Maritime Museum of Denmark  in Helsingør, DK is hosting a unique exhibition entitled ‘STORM‘, centered on the theme of tempests at sea.


Valdemar IrmingerFeaturing paintings, photography, dramatic stories and recordings, ‘STORM’ depicts the treacherous sea in a multi sensual experience. When the storm is at it’s peak, a part of ‘Jærtegn’ will be audible as part of the sound collage.


The idea of a violent storm has been a core part of our vision since we started out as Solbrud, which makes it all the more a great honour for our music to be used as part of this exhibition.


‘STORM’ opens on October 1st 2015 and runs till June 12th 2016.
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