Full length albums


April 2nd 2012

Self-released   /   Euphonious Records/VME

Total running time: 46:43
Recorded by Solbrud, Mixed by Lasse Eriksen
Mastered by Jan Eliasson


Available as

Gatefold LP (self-released) (Sold out)

Digipak CD (Euphonious Records/VME)

Download/streaming (bandcamp, youtube, itunes, spotify)


September 15th 2014

Mighty Music/Target Group

Total running time: 46:56
Recorded and mixed by Lasse Ballade at Subversive Studios
Mastered by Johnny Stage

Available as

Gatefold LP (Mighty Music/Target) (Sold out)

Deluxe Digipak CD (Mighty Music/Target)

Download/streaming (bandcamp, youtube, itunes, spotify)


June 9th 2017


Total running time: 50:24
Recorded and mixed by Lasse Ballade at Ballade Studios
Mastered by Flemming Rasmussen

Available as

Gatefold LP (Indisciplinarian/Vendetta)

Digifile CD (Indisciplinarian/Vendetta)

Download/streaming (bandcamp, youtube, itunes, spotify)

Demos & EPs

‘Demo MMX’

Released December 2010


Promotional demo CD. Limited to ~50 copies.
Vocals by Jón Hansen
Guitar, recording & mix by William Norris


1 - ‘Øde Lagt’
2 - ‘Skyggeriget’



Released May 8th 2016

Self-released, Limited to 120 copies


A – ‘Besat af Mørke’
Recorded November 27th 2015
at rehearsal space – Copenhagen, Denmark
Cello by Tobias Hjorth
Mixed by Ole Luk ¦ Solbrud


B – ‘Klippemennesket’
Recorded April 1st 2015
at Vulkan Arena ¦ Inferno Metal Festival – Oslo, Norway
Tracked & mixed by Hugo Alvarstein